Our objectives in relation to sustainability

Sustainable management

With all our measures – particularly as regards manufacturing, office management and warehousing – we strive to deploy solutions that have the least impact on the environment and that foster sustainable business. Here, we place particular emphasis on using raw materials and energy sparingly. We work continuously towards the avoidance or reduction of the impact and the risks for the environment.


Stipulations, laws and regulations

We undertake to observe and comply with all environmentally-relevant regulations, laws and standards. Where economically justifiable, we also aim to deploy the best-available technology for protecting the environment. We prioritise environmentally-friendly raw materials, procedures and services, and – where possible – fair trade goods. When choosing with whom we do business, we take ecological and social standards into account.



We inform the public regularly about the successes and progress made in our efforts to do business in an eco-friendly and sustainable way – while also disclosing our limitations and unavoidable compromises. We seek out and maintain working relationships with government agencies, local authorities and industry associations.


BSCI Code of Conduct

When selecting suppliers, we will factor in their commitment to the environment and to sustainability, and their implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct within society.

Use of energy and raw materials

We aim to reduce our share of energy and raw materials consumption.

Water quality

By maintaining a continual technical and analytical monitoring of the incident surface water (rain) and run-off water on our factory premises, we aim to protect the quality of water in our neighbourhood.


By prioritising avoidance and re-use above disposal, we aim to increase the economic viability of our processes and protect the environment.

We aim to increase transport capacity usage and to set up new premises in order to reduce our costs and environmental impact.

We aim to educate our members of staff as regards health, occupational safety and the environment.

Audits and Inspections

We aim to use regular internal and external operational inspections and audits to identify and reduce the effects of environmental factors and potential hazards.


Within the realm of economic possibility, we aim to use innovation (including company suggestion schemes) to make more of a contribution to continuity and safety.

We aim to use training, emergency planning and other measures to reduce potential dangers.


We aim to provide a supporting role in society by the vocational rehabilitation of older and unemployed persons.

Key Figure Analysis

We aim to extend our system of key figures, in order to assess progress towards our goals re the environment, employee development and safety.



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DIN EN ISO 9001 / DIN EN ISO 14001

DIN EN ISO 9001 / DIN EN ISO 14001

Internationale Verband für Seifen, Wasch-, Reinigungs- und Pflegemittel