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THURN-GROUPE - Information on the pandemic situation

Ladies and Gentlemen,


We want to advise regarding current measures within the Thurn Group due to the current pandemia situation.


Thurn Group’s management gives our employees and their families’ wellbeing the highest priority under the circumstances.

Equally, we want to contribute per our role as part of the supply chain and feel responsible towards our suppliers and customers.


As a first measure we have set up a pandemia taskforce to assess the daily development, define measures and ensure realization.


Production and Logistics shift procedures have been adapted to strictly separate personnel when entering the building and to ensure proper ventilation. By doing so, we limit the risk of quarantine-related shutdowns. In all other departments of the Thurn Group we implemented similar solutions to reducing cluster risks.

Team members who have the option to work in the home office are doing so. We introduced special it-solutions to ensure smooth operations and effective communication. All employees can be reached as usual by phone or email.


The use of external partners is being limited to crucial activities to ensure operations. The same procedure applies to visitors.


In close cooperation with our suppliers we continuously monitor availability of material and freight resources. Currently, we can ensure full production and transportation capability. We have developed and implemented emergency plans with relevant partners.


Collectively, team members, customers and suppliers of Thurn Group are facing a very dynamic situation which we need to accept and adjust measures accordingly.

For Thurn Group we are confident that we have developed appropriate measures and will execute those consistently. In doing so we ensure an adequate balance of health protection and supply chain reliability.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective counterpart at Thurn Group.


We remain with kind regards and look forward to a normalized situation soonest.


Peter H. Schoof


Managing Partner

Thurn Group

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